Dry Riser Systems

Dry Risers are a vertical main fitted into staircase enclosures or other suitable locations.  The Dry Riser will have an outlet on each floor and inlets fitted at ground level to allow the fire brigade to connect a water supply.

This allows the fire brigade to get water to each floor in the event of a fire situation

Dry Rising mains are intended for use by the fire brigade or trained personnel.

Wet Riser Systems

Wet Risers are installed into new buildings over 50metres or when it is difficult to provide a suitable breeching inlet position to a dry riser.

They are vertical mains fitted into a staircase enclosure or other suitable position, with outlet valves on each floor of the building and connected to an automatic water supply.  This allows the fire brigade to provide water to each floor of the building in a fire situation

A Wet Riser System is designed to provide 1500 litres per minute for a minimum of 45 minutes.

The water supply will consist of a tank which is split across 2 compartments and 2 automatic fire pumps.

The tank will have a breeching inlet fit at ground level to allow the fire brigade to fill the wet riser tank remotely.  It must also have an automatic infill valve from the towns main to ensure that the tank is kept full at all times


Private Fire Hydrants are often found on large sites such as Hospitals, Industrial Properties These are not the responsibility of the local water authority, or the fire and rescue department.  Maintenance of these Fire Hydrants will be the responsibility of the owners/occupiers of the land where they installed.

These Hydrants should be maintained and tested by a responsible person in accordance with the appropriate British Standard.  For further information on the maintenance of Fire Hydrants please contact us on  01539 722500 or email us info@castlefire.co.uk


Sprinkler Systems are often installed in properties to ensure the safety of the occupants and are often now a requirement of your insurance company.  Sprinkler systems are found installed in Factory Warehousing and High Bay Racking, Hospitals, Schools, High Rise Dwellings, Office Blocks Care Homes and many more.

Sprinkler systems are now also being installed into residential properties.

Castle Fire Ltd can offer you a maintenance package on your sprinkler systems bespoke to your individual requirements.  For further information on the maintenance of Sprinkler Systems, please contact us on  01539 722500 or email us: info@castlfire.co.uk

For more information, speak to one of our team on 01539 722 500 or send an email to: info@castlefire.co.uk

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