Businesses that prepare and cook hot food like hotels and restaurants are most at risk from fires, particularly where flammable liquids such as sunflower oil or Rape Seed Oil are involved.

It has been highlighted by Fire Brigades, Fire Risk Assessors & Insurance Companies that the main fire risk in hotels & restaurants is the cooking & preparation of hot food. Especially those cooking processes using polyunsaturated cooking oils such as Sunflower Oil & Rape Seed Oil [Canola]. Once alight, even when the fire is smothered and seemingly extinguished, the temperature of these oils is so extreme that fire re-ignition occurs time and time again.

Even though rated for flammable liquid fires, most available hand portable extinguishers are not fit for purpose and only one type can effectively be used [Class F] which contains specially developed chemicals that cause the oil to ‘saponify’ [the oil turns from a liquid to a semi solid]. However, many risk assessors point out the danger to the operator in tackling such a severe fire with a hand-held extinguisher.

Fully automatic fire suppression systems are available to tackle Class F fires. These systems utilize a heat / fire detection network contained in the extraction canopy and discharge through nozzles above each cooking appliance when a pre-determined hood temperature is reached. They also have a hand pull station installed away from the risk [preferably on an assigned exit route] that staff can use.

We are distributors for 4 world renowned manufacturers of these Wet Chemical fire Suppression Systems and we survey, specify, install and maintain them in premises with fire risks ranging from domestic hob coverage, through all sizes of commercial restaurant kitchens and up to industrial frying lines.
To comply with insurers requirements, all the systems we install are fully compliant with international [UL300] and UK [LPCB: LPS 1223 & BS EN 16282 part7: 2017] Codes of Practice.

We have installed Automatic Wet Chemical Fire Suppression on projects as small as a one bedroom flat and as large as Heathrow Terminal 5.
We regard our installation teams and maintenance engineers as the best in the business and they work 24/7 to carry out our work whenever your work has ceased. This brings as little disruption to our clients as possible.

We can either visit your property or work from supplied plans of the area. We’ll also make sure your on-site staff know how to use the system once it’s installed. We offer a full, hassle free maintenance package with six monthly inspections and a full refilling service should your system be discharged.

The expert team at Castle Fire Ltd have installed bespoke automatic wet chemical fire suppression systems within buildings ranging from single domestic flats to Heathrow Terminal 5. They are capable of tackling Class F fires and use a heat/fire detection network contained within an extraction canopy that deploys once a pre-determined temperature is reached, as well as a hand pull station for staff.


This highly effective detection and delivery system provides a fast extinguishing time and minimum spread of fire in enclosed spaces.

Installation involves placing pressurised, specially manufactured Firetrace Tubing above potential fire hazards.

It works by discharging a suitable extinguishant directly from a burst hole in the tube to the closest point of the fire when the temperature reaches 120 degrees celsius or it is touched by flame.

Firetrace does not need external energy or a power supply. It is also cost effective as it requires no electrical installation or wiring and minimum ongoing maintenance.


Gas fire suppression systems use a chemical reaction to prevent or extinguish flames by reducing the oxygen content of the atmosphere so that it cannot support a fire. They can be fitted to a variety of spaces and are particularly suitable for areas of potential risk or critical importance such as server rooms, switch rooms, battery rooms, transformer rooms and generator rooms.

We also seal the protected areas before carrying out Room Integrity Testing as part of the package. Castle Fire Ltd is not tied in to any one supplier so can select and install the most suitable product for your property, providing truly independent advice. We provide customers throughout the UK with a complete package including survey, design, installation, commission and ongoing maintenance, as well as automatic fire detection devices from our range.

We are distributors for four world renowned manufacturers and our engineers can work day or night to install a system whenever your business has down time to minimise disruption.

For more information, speak to one of our team on 01539 722 500 or send an email to:

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